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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it's prompting an important warning from the local police chief in that area tonight. wmur's shelley walcott live in stratford with more. reporter: tom and jean, this is such a sad story out here on bow lake. stratford's fire officials got the call this afternoon around 3:00 after someone noticed a kayaker in distress on bow lake. take a look at this video, we shot it just before the sun went down. stratford's fire chief out in her kayak who appeared to be having a hard time navigating the choppy waters. it's very windy out here today. when rescue crews arrived they found the debris field on the lake, which led them to the kayaker's body. the chief is now urging people who live out here to avoid the lake when conditions are so rough. >> unfortunately, we've ended up locating the kayak at one point
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point it turned into a search and rescue. and we were able to find a victim, at this time the vital signs weren't viable for life. reporter: the kayaker again is a woman, not sure of an age, but she is believed to be a resident of the lake. her husband did come out to recover the body. that's the scene from here, tom: right now, route 101a is back open after a gas leak in merrimack around 2:00 today. a construction company hit an under ground gas line wild working on a former mcdonald's building. that leak lasted for about an hour, forcing authorities to shut down roads and temporarily have a shelter in place at next-door day care. but once the line was shut off today's weather helped the
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accumulates into buildings and stuff like that, so we're worried about explosion hazards. one thing today, it was pretty windy so that helped out a lot actually. tom: no one was hurt and gas readings are back to normal. jean: this tree toppled on manchester's webster street. and ware has also had several trees come down, sparking small fires when the limbs fell o power lines. we're gotting reports of about 1700 power outages around the state. let's check in with mike haddad. mike: still windy out there and those winds will continue through the midnight hour before gradually shutting down during the overnight stretch. some of the top wind gusts today, mount washington as you might expect well up there, well into hurricane force. manchester close to 50-mile per hour winds and gusts during a couple times. rochester topping off at 44,
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to 40 miles per hour. in a gust early this afternoon. still steady winds out of the west northwest, 10 to 25 miles per hour, but the gusts still up between 30 and 40. the top wind atop mount washington just coming in now at 98 miles per hour. those winds also driving in much cooler air already 30's from the lakes region north and west, and only low 40's south. matter of fact, cold enough for snow showers to be flying through parts of the great north when will they shut down and what follows for your saturday and sunday, we'll look at that straight ahead. tom: right now a brush fire burning at lynn woods reservation in lynn, massachusetts. fighters say it's too dark and dangerous the to fight the flames, so they are letting it burn right now. dry and windy conditions are fueling that fire. but the wind didn't stop people from turning out to honor granite state veterans today.
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marched through manchester. in nashua, the muskets shot off and marching bands were joined by cub scouts and girl scouts as they marched from the stadium down main street past city hall. there was also a big turnout for the null service at the veterans cemetery in boscawen. andy hershberger was there. reporter: there was music, prayer, and there was gratitude today at the veterans cemetery more than 6,000 servicemen and women have been laid to rest at the site that is dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of veterans and their families. the new hampshire army national guard band entertained the large crowd, as well as young men and women from the lakes region christian school. but the focus today was clearly on those who serve. since 9/11, 3,000 members of the new hampshire national guard have served overseas fighting terror. today officials also recognize
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>> the only constant for military families is constant change. they support us and sacrifice so we can protect our state and our country. reporter: governor maggie hassan also see today that we can honor our veterans by taking advantage of the freedoms that they fought for. jean: in washington d.c., president obama honored members of the armed forces at article on the national we have that, and the changes being seen in veterans who are now returning to civilian life. reporter: marking the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month with parades and the president laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. >> we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect. and we owe you our freedom. reporter: honoring the more than 18 million members of the armed forces, like staff sergeant joey
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jones was a bomb tech tasked with disarming explosives. until the day he stepped on an i.e.d. and lost both legs. >> it's so loud you don't hear anything, the cloud of dust is so thick you just see the color tan. my immediate reaction was to look down and see how much of my legs were left. reporter: jones is part of a new wave of men and women in uniform, about 200,000 vets each year, many who served in afghanistan and iraq returning to civilian life. in texas, one high school working for months on a thank you celebration. >> i'm a little surprised at how great it was this morning, i didn't really realize it until i got here. reporter: thanking veterans for their service. >> i feel better and better about it. i can't explain it. reporter: veterans day is often confused with memorial day. that holiday in may is set aside
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served in the armed forces. jean: wmur's partnering with a nonprofit organization, home base, for a veterans day telethon airing tonight from 7:00 to 9:00. this telethon raises money and awareness for programs that help veterans in our area. josh mcelveen, a veteran himself, will be part of our effort to tell the stories of those who served tom: democrats swept our state's senate and congressional races, members are taking a tough look at the party's future. after losing the presidential election. and as wmur's siobhan lopez reports from concord, the granite state could play a big role in reshaping the democratic national committee. reporter: ray buckley says he's involved in active conversations with people across the country about a run for a democratic
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coming spring. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are urging the party to embrace a more populus economic message. we sat down with buckley this afternoon who says if he decides to run, heel bring his experience working at the local level. reporter: i think that people -- >> i think that people unrs one, in the states and the communities, not what's going on in washington d.c. and that for too long we've allowed the washington d.c. insiders really kind of control the national committee. reporter: buckley would add to a growing list of people who have expressed interest in running, including former vermont governor howard dean, and former presidential candidate martin o'malley. buckley says he could have his
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donald trump is making a change at the top of his transition team. chris christie had been handing the early on. reporter: vice president elect mike pence will lead donald trump's transition team from now on. trump says pence will bill on the initial work done by former chair chris christie. 10 weeks until i donald trump works on his transition from businessman to commander in chief. >> there's no roe map partly because we've her in a candidate like donald trump before with no government experience or no military experience. so we don't know what to expect from him. reporter: the morning the president elect tweeted busy dan planned in new york, will soon be making very important decisions on the people who will be running our government. trump's camp later announced mike pence will share the transition team with chris christie serving as vice chair. also on the list, former new
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>> donald has been my friend for 28 years, all my work on behalf of him has been out of great loyalty and friendship to him. reporter: on thursday trump met with president obama, house speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell who see he's confident a trump administration will get off to a good start. >> we had a good discussion about things that we're going to be pursuing in congress. reporter: our political analyst says how much he'll manage or -- >> i'm sure he'll be trying to figure out what he can keep his hands on, what he has to delegate. it's a big task for anybody. reporter: in a statement, president elect trump says his team will begin the urgent task of rebuilding the nation, specifically jobs, security and opportunity. in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. jean: one granite staters knows a thing or two about transitioning to a new administration.
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former governor sununu about getting president george h.w. bush settled into the white house. tom: seven state races in tuesday's election will be recounted. this coming wednesday had be the recount for the state senate seat in district 7 and state representatives in belknap county, district 4, and merrimack county district 3. the next day teams will recount the state rep races in hillsboro county district 19 and sphrat ford county district 25. recounts for state reps from district been scheduled. jean: how about this, we made it to friday. live pictures looking over i-93 in windham tonight. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the evening commute. hi, peggy. >> hi, tom and jean. most of the issues we've had on this friday have to do with the wind and limbs falling down and
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route 77 in ware still closed for that reason. coming up on 93 busy but moving well through windham. a little slowdown through londonderry. 2939 in manchester it's all good top to bottom. getting by the hooksett tolls you're cruising along just fine. good looking up to concord as well and points north. 101 west not too bad getting through bed information today and the everett turnpike we did get word of a crash on the southbound side in merrimack by mile marker 15.8. don't see a big backup here, its everything is good on 101 from manchester to hamp son, and a pretty easy ride on the spaulding turnpike. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: thanks. coming up, more presidential protests planned, what's expected as we could head into another night of unrest over the results of tuesday's election. tom: a bald eagle recovering tonight after getting stuck in a
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mike: a chilly start tomorrow, with highs only in the 40's in many spots. if we see any warmup by sunday. jean: at 5:30, the changing face of new hampshire's drug crisis, and how long it could take to break free. >> this is a problem that took a long time to build and is going to take a long time to solve. tom: and at 6:00 behind the scenes of a presidential transition, we talk to the former granite state governor who onc process. >> there's really six positions that they've got to come to a
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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jean: we salute our veterans today, on a day that began as armistice day, a tribute to veterans of world war i. other allied countries still honor veterans on their remembrance day, from ceremonies across europe to the memorial
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tom: a group of students in burlington, vermont are protesting president elect donald trump. a university of vermont student organized the protest after she says her friends expressed concerns about a trump presidency on facebook. students are holding signs in the city's park. the protest has been peaceful. they are also planning to hold a vigil tonight at 7:00. in oregon, protests against donald trump turned violent. protesters spray painted buildings with anti-trump messages. one person ran through a car portland police say the crowd threw things at officers and smashed windows in businesses. officers arrested 26 people. cleanup under way in new orleans after anti-trump protesters spray painted a statue of robert e. lee. about 400 people took to the streets shattering windows and spray patrioting. today city workers cleaned up the graffiti. tonight they say they are prepared if there are more problems.
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story we brought you last night, the bald eagles stuck together in that storm drain in orlando. wildlife experts now say these two bald eagles started fighting in the air and locked together as they can do in a fight. they fell to the ground together, becoming stuck in the drain. official has to reach into the drain to free one of the birds. the other bald eagle flew away. >> it was exciting because that's an amazing animal, that's our country's bird. we need to keep it cared for at an audubon center. the supervisor says it will take a few weeks for the eeg tomorrow recover and then it will be released back into the wild. tom: right now a brush fire is burning at lynn woods reservation in lynn, meation. firefighters say it's too dark and dangerous to fight these flames so they are letting it burn. dry and windy conditions are fueling that fire. mike: those gusty winds out there today, no doubt about
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take a look at the time lapse photos at newfound lake. you notice that rainbow? there it is right over newfound lake. we did have a couple sprinkles and showers drifting through with the sun poking through in spots. right now clouds, some breaks, gusty winds still a factor, topping off close to 50 miles per hour earlier this afternoon. quite busy as we go through the evening. up until about 10, 11, maybe midnight tonight we could see some gusts very close to the upper 20's and lower to mid 30's out there. beyond that we'll start to see the winds shutting down to about 5 ato 15 later on tonight. that's where we stand early tomorrow morning. as we go through saturday it's a little breezy, 10, 15, maybe 0-mile per hour gusts, but that should be about it.
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department compared to where we were for today and even right now. we started to see temperatures jumping, low to mid 50's, 56 for a high in concord, another day with above normal temperatures, but a lot of cool air is beginning to bill in, so we're already down to the mid 30's in the great north woods, above berlin, whitefield to 36, upper 30's in plymouth and laconia, and only 40's elsewhere. take a look at the wintery temperature of 12 atop mount for snow, and there are some snow showers flying across a good part of the white mountain and presidential range, you get into the great north woods as well, scattered about dixville notch down through berlin, scattered snow showers in and out of that area for the next three, four hours, then they'll diminish overnight tonight. we'll see partial clearing north, gradual clearing elsewhere, temperatures bottom out in the 20's to around 30. very close to the average for this time of year, and at least for the first half of the weekend and even into early on
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eastern canada builds on in in our direction. so temperatures will be running slightly below the average. but very close to the norm as we go into saturday, with fair skies upstream taking over for not only tomorrow but right on into sunday, so here's a look at the map on future cast for your saturday, sunshine statewide. could be a few patchy clouds in the mountains, then fair skies tomorrow night with a few scattered clouds and back to full sunshine in many spots as we go into the day on sunday. how about the highs, a little lower than we had central. upper 40's to around 50 south. beyond that we have more sun and slightly milder on sunday. even warmer on monday, some parts of southern new hampshire up to around 60 degrees. then we get our next wet weather maker potentially moving in as we go through tuesday afternoon and especially into early wednesday, and once that clears it should be mainly dry with a few flakes of snow in the mountains. now, remember last winter we had
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influenced our weather patent for the long rain. this time arnell known why is gone, but we have something else to talk about and hale lee is here with an outlook on that. hayley: exactly, we're talking with about the opposite of el nino, la known yeah. it has officially begun in some parts of the world where it happens typically, right along the equator in the southern part of the pacific ocean. here's the definition of la nina. it is rain along the equator in the eastern pacific ocean and it's a cooling of the ocean water. in that black box there you see some blue color, that's the sea surface temperatures and that's where we're sealing cooling temperatures. i'm going to compare that to last year at this time and look at all that red. that's a very strong el nino. last year we had a report strong
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expected to be as strong as its counterpart last year, so likely we'll have minimal impacts in the northeast from that. but that does not mean we won have a wild winter, that is still a possibility. so what we're telling you here is la nina will not have a big impact here, but it latest for other parts of the country. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in the next some crowded ski slopes this winter, what tourists officials are predicting for the big season ahead.
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jean: skiers, listen u mountain will be open one week from today. this will be the resort's 50th season. you can see they have the snow guns going, to make sure everything is powder perfect coming up next weekend. new hampshire is expecting a 6% increase in tourism this winter. tom: that's the word from tourism officials who say the 8.2 million people expected to visit our state will spend more than a billion dollars. travel and tourism is new hampshire's second largest industry. jean: ready for all the winter
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sisters, coworkers, how all five of these quintuplets ended up working at the same restaurant. tom: a new way to teach new generations about the veterans
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jean: do health care providers hold the key to new hampshire's drug crisis? now at 5:30, the hard questions being asked today. tom: did drugs play a role in the death of a baby at this home? what first about the scene inside the house. mike: plenty of sunshine on the way for your saturday, along with lighter winds and chilly temperatures. jean: and an especially poignant veterans day for some service members in light of tuesday's election. >> it's like, you know, this is why we joined so we can have these rights. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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jean: it's a search for possible drug crisis. new hampshire's- the state's drug czar and attorney general among those at this opioid summit. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. it is the second year this event has been held. jean: as suzanne roantree explains live now, while there is progress, more work is needed. reporter: health care providers from all over new hampshire gathered today to take part in the second annual summit on the management of the opiate crisis that is 500 people this year. while great strides have been made over the last year, battling the opiate crisis, officials say the face of addiction is changing. >> heroin is no longer on the scene and it's now fentanyl and my understand is that new hampshire has seen its first case of 47700, and that's a bad thing. >> this is a problem that took a long time to build and is going to take a long time to solve.
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it. >> last year the state passed a number of legislative initiatives and put funding into treatment and prevention. >> prevention gives us -- reporter: experts say one lingering problem is the continued overprescribing of painkillers. the state points to this past june as an example. >> we have what a population of 1.3 million in the state, but we dispensed that were just 10 of the opiates. reporter: emergency workers on the front lines say it's still tough, but the efforts to battle the crisis are helping. >> between operation granite hammer that's being done out in pretty much statewide and safe station, giving people access to treatment. reporter: in manchester officials say more than 740 people have gone through their safe stations, 60 to 70% of
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remained drug-free. >> if it doesn't work the first time it will be the second or third time, we're not going to turn you away. reporter: the governor's advisor on the drug crisis says he believes the rate of opiate deaths will decline if medicare expansion is continued and if the state starts a needle exchange program. tom: new details tonight in the death investigation of a baby in marlborough, massachusetts. fire crews responding to a 911 call yesterday, found the bs grandmother carrying the unconscious child outside. inside they say they found two adults, a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man, both were unconscious. first responders are now confirming that they administered an overdose reversal shot. >> if they found some reason, and again i'm not sure what they found or that they might have thought there might have been an yoap yacht overdose they would
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loaks own. tom: both of the adults are still being treated at the hospital. a judge has ordered a man to undergo treatment. adam la grand pleaded guilty to child cruelty. a judge sentenced him to 18 months under court supervision. he will also have to undergo drug treatment and his partner who was also in the car received the same sentence. police say the child was screaming for help after t jean: the city of nashua could lose dozens of positions in the schools, police and fire departments. the mayor says the state mandated pension system is hitting the city with a $2 million increase, and while this is early in the budget process he says many measures have to be considered to create a level funded budget. >> we've got to really look at how we can handle this big state increase and still maintain
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in a way that people expect. jean: nashua's budget will be passed in june. the construction of an education al center at the veterans cemetery in boscawen is under way this veterans day. ground was broken for the veterans heritage learning center back in september. the facility will have multimedia presentations and interactive sites designed to teach people about new hampshire's role in military history. >> it's going to contain some state of inside that will teach students and teach the public about the contribution that veterans have made to the freedom of this country. jean: this project is being funded through donations. organizers say they've raised d40000 of the 250,000 needed to complete the project by the spring. tom: 98 years ago at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month what would come to be
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end. originally known as armistice day, november 11 was set aside to remember those who served. in 1954 the name was changed in the u.s. to veterans day. one of many observances in new hampshire today took place at the state house. and wmur's ray brewer was there. reporter: compared to other veterans day ceremonies around the state, this isn't a large one, but that doesn't make it any less meaningful. surrounded by flags, carried into battle by new officials gathered to honor those who have served. governor maggie hassan says this day always reminds her of her dad who fought in the battle of the bulge. >> he knew the true price of freedom and the sacrifice required to position our country as the strongest military in economic power in the world. and the strongest force for good. reporter: friday also marked a
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commander of the state v.f.w. spoke. shannon brown says she doesn't consider herself a pioneer. >> because with the veterans like we're brothers and sisters, doesn't matter if you're male, female, black, white, whatever, it's just worry all in the same team. reporter: brown, a former kindergarten teacher, enlisted because she wanted to serve her country. she says she was reminded this week why she did that. >> when i went to vote i was like, you know, this is why we rights. reporter: debbie brought her son lincoln to the certain phone. her husband, lincoln's father, served in the military and says it's important to give veterans their due respects. >> you know, they're going out and fighting the fight, so that way we can live the this great country that we have and be free. reporter: also present at the ceremony, the common can't of the state reference --
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north country who have difficulty getting care. >> they have to go over the mountains to get the care they need. so i hope -- reporter: governor hassan also added that we owe a debt of gratitude not just to the veterans but also to their families. in concord, ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: beautiful tributes all across the state today. well, this might actually be the busiest online shoin the year, and it's all to celebrate being single. we will explain after the break. tom: gift cards are one of the most popular things to give at christmas time, but which ones do people want the most. mike: out of a few snow showers in the mountains, dry weather does linger into tonight and
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tom: here's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. after two seconds of really high movements in the dow jones industrial was down part of the day today and then closed up by 39 points. the s&p down three, and the
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shopping, china's annual singles day blows our cyber monday right out of the water. jean: it started as an alternative to valentine's day, it falls on november 11, because the date 11, 11, is four single ones in a row. this year shoppers in china spent $13 billion in the first 15 hours, that is four times more than cyber monday brought in last year. tom: online retailer amazon is the most popular choice cards this holiday season according to a survey from wallet hub. visa and i tunes came in second and third followed by american express and wal-mart. gift cards have been the most popular type of present to give for the last nine years. although a separate survey from bank rate found that only 27% of people actually like to get them. jean: i love them. tom: just like cash in my mine. jean: there you go. one restaurant has found the
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meet this set of quintuplets working behind the same counter. tom: the u.n.h. basketball team tipped off its season this jamie has highlights. jennifer: up next breaking news in stratford, a massive search now over after a canoe was found empty and a body recovered. and as the national democratic party begins to rebuild after this week's election, is there a
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weekend, they skate at the norfolk admirals tonight and then at reading tomorrow night. >> it's beginning of the season, so it's fun to get away right now. but later in the season will probably be a little tough. right now it's nice to get on the road with the guys. >> they're a really good team, we have a lot of guys who could play in the american league, but it's just putting it together on the ice consistently. we've had a couple good games
5:47 pm
jamie: the season opener for u.n.h. basketball, they played leslie. dave watkins comes up with the steal in the second half, ahead to jordan for the layoff, he's a transfer from rice. quick score for the wildcats here, they went up 53-22. we'll see the first ever basket for the wildcats win 85-60. jean: a mcdonald's in michigan hit the jackpot when it comes to employees. tom: sean mcdonough sunshines how a set of quintuplets ended up working at the same restaurant. reporter: workers at this mcdonald's in michigan have earned a reputation for team work. the high school students pitch in where needed.
5:48 pm
name. and the same birthday, it's amazing to me knowing that half of your work force is made up of people you're related to. reporter: the curtises are nonidentical quintuplets. lube cast, the youngest, born three minutes after brother lee, the first to work at mickey d's a year ago. >> she k we were doing and wanted to know if we had any other siblings, and funny enough we did. >> i would go out on a limb and say we're the only mcdonald's that's ever had quintuplets and will probably always be the only one. reporter: lauren handles the front counter, lindsey cleans up the lobby. >> on a given shift, particularly sunday, that is the sunday that sometimes all five
5:49 pm
be at least half of the shift. reporter: the five make it through most shift without kes hers recognizing they're siblings of. >> up until this point nobody knew. they don't look a lot alike. the older they've gotten the less alike they've looked. reporter: the unusual setup brings another advantage for their boss, if another employees calls out sick, it only takes one phone call to find five potential replacements. mike: a gusty veterans day out there with the winds topping 50 miles per hour in spots. take a look at the camera bouncing around with our time lapse photos in conway. quite a few clouds, even some snow showers now moving through parts of northern new hampshire as winter is taking hold in northern locales. for tonight the win still active through the evening and then overnight tonight they'll
5:50 pm
will end up north, otherwise mainly clear skies will develop as we go through the evening. plenty of sun each of the weekend days. a chilly start to tomorrow. and the weekend. then a bit milder sunday, even warmer with sun on monday before a next chance of rain on late tuesday and early wednesday. right now anything on radar is forming in the form of snow in the white mountains and great north woods. temperature wise it's chilly, upper 30's, lower 40's southeastern parts of ne mb 35 to. as you might expect, will feel colder to the north, already some 20's showing up in places like stewartstown and pittsburg. not a big temperature tumble, we'll be back to near 20 alon the canadian border and upper 20's to around 30 central and southern new hampshire.
5:51 pm
wind gusts, nashua just over that at 37. again that will be the case through the evening before the winds die down later on tonight. but once the clouds clear out up north and any clouds and flakes of snow wind down in the white mountains, we'll look for clearing to develop. back to our for and west, skies are clear and that means plenty of sun for tomorrow, sunday and even into monday. where do we go temperature wise, stng weekend, highs only mid to upper 40's tomorrow. lower 40's in northern parts of the state. lots of sun coming in for sunday. it will turn milder, each day a little bit breezy, but not nearly as windy as what we had out there on your friday, and then we get to near 60 on monday with lots of sun, certainly the pick of the next seven days. looks to be on monday. by tuesday clouds take over, some rain likely moving in during the afternoon. and early on wednesday, we need
5:52 pm
so we could use more drops of rain. tom: still ahead, a seacoast shelter will be able to stretch its budget this winter, thanks to this construction project. jean: then at 6:00 a young new hampshire girl making sure hungry families get help this
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tom: as we thank america's veterans today we want to add a special thank you to the wmur employees who have served. >> dave faulkner, mark mckorm act, josh mcelveen right there, david parker, roger rosendal and bob langley, from engineering to sales and on air, these men, these veterans are such an important part of what we do here and we thank you for your service. tom: although they do all look a little bit young. that was some time ago for some of them. jean: andrew nichols, a senior at bow high, created a veterans memorial for the town. the memorial features a brick patio and flat monument with the
5:56 pm
nichols created this beautiful memorial as part of his eagle scout project. great job there. and the crossroads house shelter in portsmouth is on its way to becoming entirely solar powered. tom: volunteers are installing a new solar array heating system. division energy is providing the cost and labor free, it shelters nearly 100 people every night that would otherwise go homeless. nice to see. thank you foin
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jennifer: now at 6:00, breaking news after a massive search. a body is recovered from a lake in stratford. we're live at the scene. mike: gusty winds continue at this hour in many parts of new hampshire. when they weaken, plus what follows for tomorrow and sunday.
5:59 pm
focus on rebuilding the party. the local man who wants to rebill the d.n.c. jennifer: on this brisk veterans day, crowds gathered to honor the service and sacrifice of those who gave us our freedom. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we start with breaking news right off the top tonight, a massive search has come to an end in stratfordh bow lake. search crews are called from several sush rounding communities. jennifer: they made the grim discovery about an hour later. shelley walcott is live at the scene now. reporter: it was a very grim discovery, rescue workers got the call around 3:00 this afternoon. after someone called them to say it looked like a kayaker was in distress on bow lake. take a look at this video, we shot it before the sun went down
6:00 pm
they received a call about a woman out in her kayak who appeared to be having a hard time navigating the choppy waters. it's very windy out here today. when rescue crews arrived they found the debris field on the make, which let them to the kayaker's body. the chief is now urging people who live out here around the lake to avoid it when conditions are so rough. >> a lot of the people that live around bow lake,he pretty hardy individuals, and they'll go out on just about any day to get a little recreation in, a little exercise. it wasn't a very wise choice to go out today, but it is what it is. reporter: the woman is believed to have been a resident of the lake. her husband came out to identify her body. no name has been released yet. live in stratford, shelley walcott, wmur news 9.


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